3D Cutting Boards and Three Dimension Chopping Boards Create Optical Illusion

3D cutting boards are very functional besides having a very articular three dimensional design. A kitchen chopping board is a main part of work space which is used for cutting vegetables, fruits and raw meats and sometimes nuts during meal preparations. Gone are the days when simple wood cutting board was the only style you could have for your kitchen counter top, because now there are many latest designs of the cutting boards which add beauty to the interior with their compact looks.

3D cutting board is designed with geometric designs, shapes and lines. When the design is completed, these three dimensional designs or drawings make optical illusion just like an artwork.  Basically, geometric shapes are drawn in such a way that it creates an illusion of 3d work, however, it is simply just few shapes drawn together. Even if you try making some repetitive triangles on a paper by jointing one triangle with another one, it will create a 3d drawing illusion. The same technique is used for designing 3d cutting board or three dimension cutting boards.

Some of the common styles in three dimensional cutting boards are the ones in which different colors are used in the geometric 3d shapes. 3D end grain cutting boards are very famous these days as well, they give better control on hand motion when you chop things on the board. The knife strokes do not go through the fiber on 3d end grain cutting board instead the strokes go between the fiber which keep the wood from damaging during chopping procedures. There are tremendous amount of styles in three dimensional cutting boards to choose from as well. One 3d wood cutting board may last many year so pick one for your kitchen and have fun.


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