Air Plants Holders for Display your Collection of Air plant Tillandsia

Air plant holder pots small ones for table centerpieces

Air plants holders could be a way to display Tillandsia indoor or outdoor for decorative purposes. If you love growing Tillandsia in your home for their nice beauty and features, you need to know that these evergreen specie of plants can be decorated well when it is well-taken of and is displayed well by using air plants holders.

Air plants or Tillandsia are perennial flowering plants which grow on rocks, trees, wood and logs without any soil at all, there are 650 or more species of these epiphytes plants that grows in forest and mountains of Southern USA and the West Indies. If you are ever been told that air plants are toxic, you must have been misguided, these plants are not toxic, in fact they have natural property to clean the air  with their phytoremediation, whether you decorate them indoor or outdoor, these plants will mitigate pollution from the air, water as well as from soil, they cleanse the air by absorbing gases through their leaves and roots. They can pretty much cleanse the air and improve its quality, thus they are not toxic in any way.
You might want to use some air plant holders for saving and protecting the plants in your home, a lot of homeowners grow air plants inside their home for example they can be hung from the ceiling in the living room, they can be placed on the window sills of the kitchen or any room where you want to have them, they can be put on stand for decoration in any area.

There are several different types of Air planter holders such as metal, rose gold, wooden, rocks, and ceramic are few ones to name, the rock holders look natural and they also have organic feel, since air-plants grow naturally on rocks and wood, you can find an air plant holder that is made of wood or is molded from rock or log. For keeping the air plant in good condition you must water them as much as you water any other plant or herb outdoor in the garden because Tillandsia thrives on water, if it does not taken care of, it might die to to scarce water. You need to soak the plan into water for twenty to thirty minutes before putting them on air plant holders.

If you are really concerned for the room aesthetic and wooden holders are not your choice, you might opt for glass air plant holders for the room, they look luxurious and expensive due their transparent finish. If you want to hang the plants in the room, you can consider going for two level hanging holders which have two pots for holding the air plants or more than two pots depending on how many plants you want to hang in them,

Besides hanging pots, there are stands for decorating air plants and some wall mounted racks as well. The stands do not need any support, these are individual decorative item made of metal or brass, you can simply decorate the air plant over them in the room. The wall mounted racks come with the shelving unit on which you can put your air planter by inserting them in the pot or holder.

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