Bamboo Water Fountains- Japanese Bamboo Waterfall Fountains Create Tranquility and Peace

Bamboo water fountains outdoor bamboo pump spout small outdoor waterfall pond for garden decor

Human beings are born to live near fountains, ponds and waterfalls just like the animals. However, we have changed the way it ever was for us. For adding water features to home, we can at least build and integrate bamboo water fountains in the garden landscape, front yard, back yard, office or living room.

Bamboo Water Fountains Create Peace

The sound of trickling water from the bamboo water fountain will create tranquility in the room and will appease our mind and soul. Do not forget that we also need something in our homes to strengthen the spiritual powers and all these powers are connected with the natural elements somehow. If it is not possible for you to live by the forest where water sounds can add rejoice to the daily life, there are alternatives which are available. One of many is bamboo water fountain which comes in many designs and styles.

Design of Bamboo Waterfall fountains

Small sized Japanese bamboo waterfall fountains often come with one pond, one contain, one or two spouts and one submersible pump. Vinyl hose tubing makes the waterfall container very decorative and functional. Whether you choose to have simple Bamboo water fountain or Japanese style waterfall fountain, both will function similarly. The small sized bamboo waterfall containers can be used indoors for the table decoration in the living room, besides they can be decorated near the window or in the dining room. They add more beauty to the aesthetic of the room. Tiny container with bamboo spouts and pumps make it easy for you to move the waterfall anywhere in the room. You can your bamboo water fountain anywhere on the table to enhance the beauty of the room.

Bamboo spout which comes with the container is usually hollow through which a tube is passed for pumping the water. It creates a very peaceful aura to see and hear the water trickling down in the container from the bamboo spout slowly, it feels like as if you are close to the nature.

Japanese Bamboo Waterfall Fountains and ponds

Many people love putting the Japanese waterfall fountain in their offices, right on the office desk or somewhere near for making their time better and for feeling positive under stressful office hours. Bamboo ponds and bamboo fountains create a very positive impact on the mind, body and health of the person.  If you are worried that the size of the bamboo pond or bamboo fountain is too huge to carry around, you should consider table top bamboo water fountains, they are designed in very compact style. They will provoke very positive energies in you. Being small in size and shape, they can easily be placed in the office and then carried back to home.

Japanese Waterfalls for Spiritual Cleansing

You might be wondering as why people talk about Japanese bamboo waterfall fountains, it’s because they are different in style and they represent rich cultural history of Japanese people. There are two types of Japanese bamboo fountains and bamboo ponds you should look for; one type is known as Tsukubai bamboo waterfall fountain and another is Shishi-odoshi bamboo water fountain, both translated as Crouch or squat in English Language. You will notice that Buddhist templates are often decorated with these fountains, Japanese tea gardens also have bamboo ponds in the nature, which are a part of cultural rituals for them basically. They consider that bamboo fountain helps promote spiritual cleaning in some ways.

It would not be wrong to consider that Bamboo water fountains are a part of religious practices (in temples) as well for Japanese people, it’s because their religion ritual demands them to wash their hands and mouth in the temples, this practice is called Tsukubai Cleaning.  In one way or another the fountain with water coming out of bamboo spout has religious meanings for them.

Japanese Tsukubai Waterfall Fountains

Japanese Tsukubai fountain is designed with a stone base which is called chozubachi. The prominent element of the Japanse fountain is the bamboo pipe which is called Kakei. A small scoop of bamboo is placed right atop of the basin area, which is used for the ritual of the cleansing by Japanese. Tsukubai Japanse bamboo fountains could be founded out side Japanese style homes these days, just like European garden landscapes, they are integrating their culutral and religious elements into the gardens as well.  For decorating the area of the Bamboo pond or fountain, they are use a lantern lighting made of stone known as Isidoro for providing light to the area during night and evening time.  Stones are arranged around the basin and bamboo mountaineers for the beauty.

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