Bed Side Rails for Safety and Accident Fall from Bed

You must have a safety bed side rails installed on the bed of the toddler to protect his from accident fall during sleep. Surprisingly, now bed safety rails are available in different colors, sizes and shapes, some are adjustable in their design, they can be strapped on the side of the bed easily.

If you are looking for a more sturdy bed safety rail plans, you might consider making a DIY wooden rail designs for the toddler’s bed yourself, it will not cost you much money. Here is a link to diy toddler bed rails.

Considering Features of Bed Side rails for Safety

Whether you have arranged a loft bed, bunk bed, double wood bed in the room your toddler, you need to consider all the possible safety measures to protect him from accidents. Installing a safety rail on the bed frame is essential , it does not matter what is the material of the rail, it can be steel, wooden or bronze or even PVC. Safety bed rails of any material is practical and functional as long as it provides protection.


Good thing is now there are some ready made bed side rail designs out there which does not require extra tools during installation process. These rails can hold up to 250 lbs and even more. They fit any home style bed from loft to wooden to double bunk bed.

bed side rails safety rails for accident fall 3- Bed Side Rails for Safety and Accident Fall from Bed


Source: DIY bed rail

Depending on the size and frame of the bedding frame, the bed side rails might need to be installed either on both sides or one side. If the set is leaning against the wall then the installation should be done on one side only. Security bed rails provide maximum protection during sleep, so if the bed is made of wood, you should opt for a large sized wood rail for the bed, it will match the set.


When the bed frame is small, you will not need full sized security bed rails, instead install one half bed safety rail on the bed for protection. Learn how to make a wooden bed rail.


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