Brick Wall Decoration Colors of Brick Walls for Rooms

Bedroom white brick walls decorated with string lights

Brick wall is a fascinating architectural features in many vintage and old style homes as well as apartments. When room has a brick wall, it is important to find out the ways of beautifully accessorizing it for complementing the look of the room. Brick is a sturdy material which has been used in building construction for years, being a mundane material, it was used for the exterior and interior walls long time ago. Today brick walls are built and designed in the living room, sometimes behind the television unit.

Whether you already have a brick wall in the living room or in the bedroom, you can absolutely make this feature look fabulous by turning it into a wall art. Some stunning artworks are created by installing lighting fixtures, decorating items and mounting mirrors on the walls.
The first thing to consider is the condition of the brick wall, if it is good condition, you can decorate it by installing lights over it. Some wall lighting fixtures or sconces add three dimensional shadows to the wall textures which help create an illusion of 3d wall art which adds beauty to the interior of the room. If your living room or bedroom brick walls are not in good condition, you need to paint them before you decorate them. In many cases the dust and dirt sticks between the bricks on the walls which requires cleaning, the good way of cleaning is painting the entire wall in any color. The soft brush can be used for removing dust as well. A fresh coat of white, black and red paint is recommended for bricks for creating a nice look.
The first of the white paint on the bricks should be a primer or base, after cleaning the dusty areas using bristle brushes, just cover the entire wall of bricks with nice primer and wait for 24 hours or more until it completely dries. Once it is dried you can apply a nice latex paint on the walls for creating a smooth textured white brick wall. White looks neat, clean and minimalist, if you have wooden furniture, the white bricks on the walls will really make a nice combo.
White is the only color for painting the walls, if you intend to add a pop of color in the living area which look boring and autonomous you can use red color for creating red brick walls artworks, they will definitely give a rustic, old style feel to the decoration. It is important to remember that hanging art, mirror, flower pots can really make the wall art to look better- turn the walls with the bricks to be the accent wall for the room.
Black brick walls are also in trends these days, some people love to paint their bricks in black color believing that it transforms the makeover of the room which is true. Black color transform the room interior very much provided that you have decorated the area around the wall. Make this black brick wall a focal point by putting white accessories near it, a comfortable love seat or a papasan chair in white color would bring some brightness to the area.


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