Broom Closet Cabinet

Closet cabinet with top shelf for broom vacuum cleaner and other cleaning tools

There must be one broom closet cabinet in your home if you are using floor cleaning products along with vacuum cleaner. For keeping the floor cleaned from spills and liquids we all use broom from time to time, either in the kitchen area or in the laundry.

The smell of surf, dish washers and floor cleaning product is usually very strong, these items cannot be kept along with food in the kitchen cabinet, they should be stored separately together. For this purpose, broom closet cabinet can be purchased and placed in the laundry room or else in the kitchen. The ideal place for the cabinet is kitchen because kitchen requires more floor cleaning than the laundry room.

There are various styles of broom closet cabinets; free standing cabinets, double cabinets, ultra thin cabinets are few to name. There are also pantry style broom cabinet which have big drawers on the upper side and long cabinets on the bottom side. You can store all types of cloth washing and floor cleaning products inside the broom storage cabinet easily.

Sometimes broom storage cabinets are designed with open style shelves as well, if you need to store big liquid bottles in the cabinet you might want to store them over the shelves. The rest of the home cleaning tools can be stored in the hidden shelves built inside the cabinets.

Reference: broom closet design

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