12 Ways to Make Bubble Chair A Chic Part of Home Interior

Bubble chair with black leather seat

Finland Designer Eerno Aarnio Designed Bubble chair in 1968.  He used acrylic on steel frame to designs a unique shape chair with transparent look. Leather or polyurethane fabric is used as cushion for such chair. Aarnio Originals first distrubuted this chair. When this chair is suspended from the ceiling then its floating bubble look became really eye-catching. People like the overall design and style. It became an industrial classic design in 1960s period. Though this design is old but yet this chair is used these days to compliment modern home interior. Today, I will give you an idea of decorating with this chair. Let’s find out what I have for you.

White Living Room with Bubble Chair

Whether you accept it or not, this kind of chair looks amazing when you have white interior in the living room. It reflects white light alongside white sofa. You can hang it next to your small sofa and see how beautiful it would look in this placement. Hanging chair style is so common and is is always preferred over standing style. The reason is that all your furniture has standing style and one way to look your interior different and unique is to have a hanging bubble chair.

Change Cushion Colors

Don’t put white leather or fabric cushions all the time in this chair. Make a little change all the time. When you have colored living room sofa then you can make this chair a part of your overall home interior by picking the matching cushion for your chair. For example, blue sectional sofa would look appealing alongside a transparent hanging chair having blue cushion inside. Isn’t it a simple yet effective decorating idea worth your try? Share your opinion.

Bubble Chair with Stand

It is a fact that hanging style is very popular and people prefer it. But it doesn’t mean that you have to follow the same approach. You can try a different approach. Instead of hanging the chair at one side of your furniture, you can make a standing chair a part of your overall furniture. In other words, put a standing bubble chair next to your accent chair and a couch; this decoration is unusual but it would be simply the best. All you have to do is to give it your best try. Make sure you pick white and light shade of other sofas just to balance the overall color scheme in your room.

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