Built in Bunk Beds is More for Less Kind Design

When you have limited space and you want to accommodate your two kids then built in bunk beds seems like a great choice. This furniture design allows you to get twin beds alongside some storage options. So, when you have it then you don’t need to spend money on a closet or dresser. Let’s discover some cool design ideas.

Built in Bunk beds with Stairs

It is a smart design which includes stairs but these stairs usually have some storage boxes beneath. The main idea is to offer you a compact design for bedroom. You don’t always need a bed as a furniture, yours kids also needs some handy storage cabinets where they can keep their small items easily.  So, this kind of design makes it easy for them to store as many items as they like. The price of this design would be high , so it is suggested to contact wholesale bunk beds agent. You would be able to get a discounted offer from him.

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Bunk beds with Desk

Another design is a combination of desk and bed. This is not for twin but just for one person. So, when space is limited and your kid needs a desk for computer and school work then indeed this design seems like a great idea. He can sleep up on the bed while doing his routine work on below computer desk. This kind of bed helps you make the most from the small space

Metal or Wooden Designs

When it comes to selection of material, you can find either wood made or metal bunk beds.  Metal beds look great but when you are living in cold environment areas then you should give preference to wooden beds. Environmental changes won’t affect wooden beds but metal gets colder or hotter in low/high temperature environments. Therefore, you need to keep in mind weather condition when you are going to pick a bed.

Heavy-duty metal bunk beds for adults are indeed great choice. Their weight is usually more than kids and therefore metal can withstand heavy weights without any problem.  Most of the time, wooden beds are designed for small kids and teenagers. So, one thing you need to ask from your seller is the weight capacity of the bed. If it can hold heavy weight then you can grab wood beds for adults without any problem.

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