31 Festive Butterfly Decoration Ideas for DIY Butterfly crafts and handmade Butterfly decorative artworks

With nylon and paper butterflies you can very creative. Butterfly decorations are a way of decorating the homes on a budget because butterfly wall murals, accents and accessories are very cheap these days. They can be used for enhancing the interior of girls room, baby nurseries, doors, boring wardrobes, mirrors and dressers.

Butterfly decorations create Positive Aura

Butterflies are a wonderful element to integrated in the interior of the room. Small butterfly confetti can be designed on the wooden doors or the walls which look very boring. I would like to mention that in China and many other countries, butterfly is considered a popular symbol for centuries. Since it is one of those insects which live a long life and which can fly, it is known to have positive energy naturally. It represents love, specially young love and undying love connection between two hearts. Transformation is another good thing associated with the butterflies, they transform and change colors when they develop. Development symbolizes progression and success.  With all these positive symbols attached to the butterflies, they are good for creating a feng-shui butterfly decorations in the home.

Butterfly Decorations and Some Crafts Ideas

If you really just want to use some dragon flies on the walls, you need some vinyl stickers and wood/vinyl butterflies for butterfly decorations on the walls. There are plenty of vinyl butterfly stickers which are available on the market. Basically, these stickers are designed with a nice looking set of butterflies which have a sticker behind their back, they can be applied anywhere in the room. You can do butterfly decorations on the dresser mirror, do not cover the full mirror, instead just apply the sticker butterflies on the corner, it will look so catchy and impressive.

Monarch butterfly decorations look realistic in home. They are also available in form of wood decals, wall art murals and stickers. They have yellow, orange and red hues in the artificial butterfly ornaments, which make them real sometimes

Some artists are also selling their butterfly crafts and artworks on the interior, they make the best centerpieces for eye catching butterfly decorations in the home. Besides, there are butterfly ribbons as well which can be wrapped around the gift boxes. You should consider using red colored butterfly ribbons for the Christmas gifts.
Make Butterfly yourself on Paper
You can use colored paper for the artwork and create very nice butterflies by cutting the paper diagonally. It is really easy to make small stick able paper butterflies for butterfly decorations, you just need to learn how to do it. This activity is good for spare and extra time which you want to use productively for making nice centerpieces, wall art accessories and accents for the interior.

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