Casa Antica tiles

Casa Antica tile designs are considered to more versatile than the traditional style flooring and wall tiles designs where are available out there. You should expect to find floral motifs in different colors and variations in Casa Antica tiles, moreover, there are different type of materials used for the designs such as acrylic, polymer, glass, ceramic and concrete.

Casa antica tile designs also become very noticeable when they are installed on either bathroom or kitchen floors, some homeowners love to have these tiles installed as kitchen backsplashes or bathroom backsplashes, even some homeowners are installing them to make bathroom columns on which accessories for free standing showers are installed such as modern faucets and shower utensils.

Flowers, abstract art and complex French style motifs can be found as well on Casa Antica tiles as well, I must mention that these tiles not just not the floor or wall tiles, they are really a work of art, showing mosaic work and other sort of creative artwork of the designers which are hard to be found these days on traditional style floor tiles anywhere else.

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