Cute christmas unicorn decoration pair of unicorn mittens for kids

Christmas Unicorn Trees Decoration- Christmas Unicorn Ornaments for Decor

What is a Christmas unicorn tree and how can you decorate it? Any tree which is decorated with a nice unicorn ornaments, paper work and art is literally called unicorn tree. Besides, hanging nice ornaments, some beautiful accents, glitter balls, and bulbs can also be hung on the tree for beautifying its beauty. There are…

Cool bicyle bookends designs

26 Cool Bookends Make Your Library Look Neat and Attractive

Do you have a small library or bookcase? If yes, then you need to grab some cool bookends. You can set them alongside your books and see how beautiful they would look together. Of course, you can go without it. But they will help you organize your books and enhance the magnetic appeal of this…

Automatic closet light

Closet Light Fixture and Bulb Selection Guide

It is good to have closet light installed in a proper way, so you can pick up the cloth with ease. Normally, a closet doesn’t come with lights. Many homeowners don’t think of adding lights into closets, or simply they go with an exposed incandescent bulb. This bulb seems like a simple solution but is…

Black and white portable fireplace collection designs put on table

Portable Fireplace is an Environmental Friendly Heating Unit

There are many areas of home where you can’t install a traditional fireplace with artistically carved mantel. So, portable fireplace come handy to bring warmth in those areas of home. As the name makes it clear, you can carry this fireplace easily. Today, I would like to describe some advantages that a portable fireplace brings…

Spanish silver styrofoam ceiling tiles 20x20 decorative styrofoam tiles

Styrofoam Ceiling Tiles for replacing Popcorn Ceiling

Popcorn ceiling looks ugly, dusty and most times outdated. You can remove it pretty easy and replace it with Styrofoam ceiling tiles which come in minimalist design to suit the interior of any room. Styrofoam ceiling tiles are made of expanded polystyrene foam which is being used these days for making drinking cup, walls, floors,…

Blackout skylight window covers and shades

Skylight Shades and Skylight covers for blocking the Sunlight

Skylight shades are phenomenal piece of coverings used for the skylights installed on the ceiling or window areas. They have become quite popular over the recent years because they are innovative way of having some sunlight in the rooms or areas where ceilings are low. Skylights shades help cover the skylight windows easily, you can…

Living room backlit screen windows

Fake Windows for Basement- How to Do it?

When you got a basement apartment then first problem you face is windowless environment. So, solution comes in the form of fake windows. You can’t construct a real window in this area. But what you can really do is to create an illusion with fake windows for basement. Let’s explore some design ideas.

Dark pink ceiling paint idea for living room with purple velvet sectioinal sofas

5 Ceiling Paint Tips You Must Know Before You Select Paint Color

In past, people were used to pick white for the ceiling. But now this trend has changed. Ceiling paint is as important as wall painting. No doubt, you have to select wall paint in a careful manner but at the same time you need to pay attention to paint color for ceiling. Today, I would…

Bifold bifold louvered closet doors with angular stiles rails

Louvered Closet Doors with Slats and rails for Closet Remodels

If you are thinking of remodeling your closet this year and changing the design, Louvered closet doors could be the best choices in wood material. Louvered closet doors are installed on the front of the closet for making a nice cover up for the items stored behind. Basically, these doors are either made of wood…

3 cars tandem garage idea

Tandem Garage Plans with Single two or Three Car Parking

Tandem garage is different compared to the traditional style garage. In General, Garage is a place which is used for car parking, basically this enclosed area with a shutter protects cars from theft and weather hazards. Now a ways, modern homes are designed with multi-level garage structures, in which cars are parked along side the…