Beautiful enclosed patio design plan idea

12 Enclosed Patio Ideas with Enclosed Patio Sunroom Plans for Outdoor Fun

If you cannot have a garden for some reasons, you can alternatively build an enclosed patio inside your home. It is fun to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. But sometimes the weather is no so favorable for your health, it poses certain risks for your respiratory organs and for overall physical health….

Decorative fencing system patio fence ideas with square tree planter box dark wooden flooring baord

Patio Fence Ideas-Protect privacy with screens and Fencing Panels

 Patio fence ideas can help you understand as how to protect the privacy of the patio without spending a lot of money. There are some decorative patio fencing panels out there which can be used around the garden edges for making the barriers and for protecting the privacy of the garden. Let’s face it that…

Indoor green house designs decorated with vintage chair vintage table and chair

Indoor Green House for Pro Gardening Connoisseurs

Indoor green house can be built inside the home on a low budget easily. If you happen to have a spared space else where within your home you can turn it into a mini indoor green house by growing some plants which are easy to maintain and grow. Depending on the budget you have for…

Deck storage bench wicker patio storage bench with orange padded seat

Patio Storage bench for Storing Cushions and Garden Accessories

Even if you have already many decorative garden benches in your landscape, you still may want to consider adding one or two best quality patio storage benches for your advantage. Having more outdoor garden seating is good always because it makes the landscape more comfortable and more functional. Whether you choose to buy oak, cypress,…

Pottery barn patio furniture patio umbrella lights string lighting

Patio Umbrella Lights-marquee, string lighting and solar lighting Ideas

Patio Umbrella Lights are one of the most cleverest ways of illuminating the garden and patio where there is no source of lighting in the area. Patio lighting should be chosen very carefully because they will be exposed to harsh and hostile weather conditions, you don’t want your expensive patio lights to fuse out during…

Romantic french balcony decorated with herbs on the glass panes

Decorating French Balcony with Planters and Herbs

Just like French doors, French balcony stands out in the exterior setting when it is decorated well with the seasonal flowers, herbs, and shrubs. The most sophisticated way of decorating the French balconies is by hanging the flower baskets which have scented herbs and plants along with some fresh lilies. After Romeo and Juliet inspired…

Creative in ground fit pit ideas for the backyard and front yard landscape

In Ground Firepit For Garden Landscapes

When an in ground firepit is mentioned, it usually means a permanent pit which is made inside the ground by digging a hole and then lining it up with the stones and pebbles. If you want to have one fire pit in your backyard, frontyard or outdoor porch, you must specify the area first because…

Wooden porch swings outdoor garden furniture (20)

Wooden Porch Swings for having relaxing outdoor experience

Believe it or not, wooden porch swings are becoming a big asset of every home. Whether you have a small front yard porch with only few pots or a large front porch landscape with flagstone walls and a scenic view featuring an outdoor waterfall and koi fish pond, you would always want to merge with…

Metal yard art ideas metal sculptures for yard decoration (3)

Metal Yard Art Ideas using Creative Metal Sculptures for Yard Decoration

Metal Yard art ideas could be help for you to choose different styles of sculptures, metal artworks and metallic outdoor decorative items for the yards. Metal yard sculptures are the most exciting outdoor decorative features to have outside, any artwork which is attractive is usually attention grabbing, if you have not arranged big furniture items…

Solar lighted rectangular patio umbrella design, lighting in umbrellw

Best Rectangular Patio Umbrella Designs for Outdoors

Rectangular Patio umbrella designs offer more shades and more comfort during beautiful summer days than the st standard styled umbrellas which are usually round or square in shapes. Rectangular shaped Patio umbrella usually comes with crank lift because this lift works easily as there is a bush button option comes with it. Crank lift helps…