Christmas decoration for Mantel and fireplace for festive interior

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Everyone is looking for the easiest way for decorating their living rooms for Christmas and holiday 2018. This event is not far away now only few days left and there is much to plan and prepare. One of the most important things is to decorate the living room fireplace with Christmas ornaments and items to make it presentable.  Besides decorating the Christmas tree for the room now it is also essential to adorn the fireplace mantel to make a festive holiday decor.

Whether a living room is built and decorated in traditional, modern, contemporary and rustic style interior, it always has at least one fireplace in the middle to make the room warmth during the coldest months of the winter. If there is a traditional style stone or marble fireplace with a mantel shelf you could decorate it with Christmas stocking, flowers, vases, Christmas ornaments, lighting, and accent candles.

Here are some of the best Christmas decoration for mantel of living room fireplace. Some of the fireplace mantel ornaments that you might want to buy for the decor are as follows:

Christmas Stocking Stands/Clips

Cast iron, plastic, or wooden stock holder or clips for the mantel. Sometimes few clips also come handy when you have no stand to hang the Christmas stocking over the fireplace mantel. Keep in mind that stocking also come in a variety of colors and styles such as reindeer stocking, family stocking with name of each family individually on the socks, and mitten themed stockings.

Customized Mantel Ornaments for Christmas Fireplace decor

A stocking fireplace is famous mental ornament these days it is built on wooden house. It is painted with a scene based Christmas theme with Santa, Christmas gifts, stockings and snow flakes.  It can be customized according to personal requirements with names of family members right over the section where Christmas stockings are to be hung.

Handmade Family Christmas glass mantel ornament is another famous thing you can get for the family room decoration. It is designed 70cl glass bottle and painted in black vinyl for Christmas day, it features snow flakes and sparkling fairly light. A note with personalized family surname goes right on top of the glass through vinyl painting.

Varied Christmas Mantel decorative Ornaments

There are several more ornaments and Christmas stocking styles for a quick Christmas decoration for mantel in the living room, lounge or family room such as handmade flower wreaths, they could either be fresh or artificial depending on the budget. The fresh ones would be costly.  Snow flakes ornaments for the mantel are a way to give a holiday spirit and energy to the room since snowflakes represent the Christmas day themselves.

Some vintage, retro or old style candles with candle holders can also be decorated over Christmas fireplace mantel as they create a nice rustic and warm feel to the interior that goes well with the theme of the Christmas day.

String led lights are another way of illuminating your Christmas living room and making the fireplace mantel festive for the special holidays.

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