Closet Light Fixture and Bulb Selection Guide

It is good to have closet light installed in a proper way, so you can pick up the cloth with ease. Normally, a closet doesn’t come with lights. Many homeowners don’t think of adding lights into closets, or simply they go with an exposed incandescent bulb. This bulb seems like a simple solution but is very dangerous. It heats up and cloths inside the closets are flammable materials. So, what you really need to do is to stay on safe side and pick right lighting fixtures for your closet.

Walk in Closet Lighting Ideas

Before I share some tips for selecting the best light bulb and lighting fixtures, I would like to share some cool design ideas with you. Let’s check what I have for you.

What to Do?

If you have exposed incandescent bulbs installed in your closet, then it is time to get rid of them. They are really dangerous and many become a reason of fire breakout inside your closet that lead to connecting area of your house. This is what you don’t want. Isn’t it? So, it’s time to change them and know about some effective closet lighting fixtures. The best options are available in the form of recessed incandescent light fixtures. Make sure you install them 18 inches away from the back and walls of the closet, just to stay on safe side.

Check Solar Patio Lights Ideas

Try Fluorescent Light bulb for Closet

Another idea is to use fluorescent bulbs. Good thing about these bulbs is that they consume less energy and produce less heat. They don’t generate dangerous heat levels like exposed incandescent bulbs. If you have a fixture for latter bulb type then all you have to do is to get rid of it and replace it with former one.

Different Closet Light Fixtures

When you don’t have an installed fixture then you have many different options to choose from. A battery-operated light fixture is very simple to work with. Automatic closet light fixtures are becoming so popular since it brings ultimate comfort into your life. Another option is available in the form of motion sensor light fixture. Now it’s your choice to pick a fixture according to your desire.

As far cost of light fixture is concerned, it is not really high. Most of them are inexpensive and quite affordable for you.


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