Concrete Statues for Garden and Front Porch Landscapes

Concrete statues for gardens landscape gnome concrete garden statue

Concrete statues are quite popular these days it’s because they add a subtle charm to all types of formal and informal garden as well as front porch yard landscaping.

Concrete is an inexpensive material these days, fiberstone is meshed and molded into nice statues, figurines, artworks and sculptures. Though fiberstone is a solid material but it can take some detailing as well which allows the artist to make some nice art and craft. If you are wondering what type of concrete garden statues would work for your garden or front yard, you should ask yourself what type of artwork you personally like.
There are animal concrete statues which you can consider for adding a nice charm to the outdoor garden such as lions, birds, pigeons, elephants, stags, hippopotamus, cats, dogs, and all kinds of mammals such as monkeys and chimpanzee as well. If you have not some nice planters outside for the trees and herbs, you can ask the artist to make you some boxes out of concrete as well. In other words, concrete can be used for making all types of stuff for the garden not just the statues or sculptures.
Besides animals, you can use fiberstone for making very nice concrete statues based on mythical creatures and religious icons. You can hire the designer to do the job for you, some nice statues to have for the garden are fairies, garden gnomes, Buddhas, Apollos, Venus, sphynx,and cherubs. Many homeowners also love to have concrete statues on beach themes and aquatic animals such as fish, starfish, jellyfish, toads, sharks, and frogs are few water animals which can be turned into nice concrete garden statuary.
If you want to have some outdoor patio lighting or garden lighting made out of concrete materials you should consider building lanterns out of it. Concrete lanterns are very famous these days, they can be lit as normal lanterns for illuminating outdoor garden space. They are functional as well as artistic. If you love to have human figurines, they can also be detailed and molded on concrete easily, it’s just that you need to find someone who has the skills to turn your dream into an artistic concrete garden statuary.

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