Corner Vanity Table Set with Mirror for Saving Space

Corner vanity table set with mirror is good for those rooms which have limited space for the furniture items.  You need not to worry about the size of the table itself because now there are compact makeup vanity table which can easily fit in any corner of the room.

Despite having a small sized structure, most modern style corner dressing table set comes with storage system such as storage drawers, storage makeup racks along with some compartments in which wicker baskets can easily be stored. If putting all of makeup brushes, makeup accessories and vanity accessories is not possible in two to three drawers which are available on the corner makeup vanity table, you can store them in the wicker baskets and store them into the storage compartments.

Make sure to buy at least one vanity bench seat or vanity bench stool with the corner vanity table set. Most commonly the vanity bench seat comes with the table in the package for the cheap price. However, if there is no vanity stool being offered you can purchase one separately. Have the legs of vanity stool painted in the color which can match the makeup vanity dresser you are arranging in the room.

These days, corner makeup vanity table also comes with different styles of mirrors, some may have triple mirrors, some may have double side mirrors, others are designed with rectangular, circular, oval and oblong mirrors. If you are in love with those vintage style makeup dresser that has mirror with light, you can possibly get that one design on the market. Modern makeup dresser with lighted mirrors are not as expensive as you believe they should be. Even when there are no lighted mirror, you can simply use string lighting for creating your own vintage style corner vanity table set.

reference: corner dressing table sets ideas

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