17 Creative Cloud Lamps-Thunder Cloud Lighting with raindrops for Room Decoration

Thunderstorm cloud lamp light with led lighting ideas

Cloud lamps are very creative these days. They are the best handcrafted artworks which adds value to the interior. Good thing is cloud lamps are easy to create using few items.  The lighting pattern is created using LED lighting installation. The LED is connected to the cotton ball within the cardboard area.

There are many beautiful designs of Cloud lamps and Cloud lighting which you might want to try out for your next DIY project. Of course it is really fun to work with few items and turning them into something creative and functional.

Cotton Cloud Lamps for room decoration

Good thing about installing cotton cloud lamps in the room is that they add a nice aura to the interior. I have seen some creative people painting and drying out the cotton for making colored cloud lighting for the room decoration. I will be honest with you, the best one is only white cloud lighting because due to the white color you can see the lighting colors coming out it. The most common style of cloud lighting is the one that has colorful led lights installed within the cotton ball. When the switch is plugged for turning the cloud lamp on, a perfect thunderstorm cloud scene creates, which looks very peaceful.

Thunderstorm Cloud Lamp lighting option

As depicted above you have a lot of options in thunderstorm cloud lamps and cloud lighting. Basically, the color of the thunderstorm changes according to the cloud led lighting installed. Some very common colors are purple, green, yellow, pink and orange.A thunderstorm cloud lamp with orange led lighting looks awesome; it feels like as if the sun is rising up in one side or is hiding due to the clouds gathering to make a thunder. Thunderstorm cloud light with led is available in different styles and forms, there are floor lamps which you can decorate in the corner of the room. There are animated style wall mounted cloud bulbs as well which can used for decorating the baby nursery and kids room. Besides, there are cloud table lamps which could add more beauty to the interior.

DIY cloud lights ideas

You can definitely make a diy lamp for living room, dining room or bedroom by using cotton, a card board, some clue and some led lights. Here is the tutorial on how to make the cloud with led for the room.

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