Creative Pallet Wine Rack-Space Saving Wall Mounted Wine Storage Shelves

Dark pallet wine racks wine glass holders shelves for wine bottles

If you do not under cabinet wine storage unit or a cabinetry for storing the collection, you can mount nice looking pallet wine rack on the wall of the kitchen or living room. It really adds beauty to the space since everything in the room looks well-managed- no need to put the wines on the tables when they can be stored on the shelves.

There are different styles of wall mounted pallet wine racks which are available on the market, some have contemporary designs, others have very rustic look, which makes them even more desirable. When you choose a wine storage rack, make sure it has ample space to store the wines. Or else, the rack should not be considered functional at all.

How a Pallet wine rack can be designed?

What is a pallet wine rack and how is it made? A pallet wine storage rack is a unit with shelving system used for storing wines inside the room, sometimes it has some wine glass holders as well in the designs. For hanging the wine glass, there are often hooks under neath the pallet shelves on which the glass can be hooked or hung. If you have spared wood in home, you can cut it into small pallets and then use them for making a very functional, mountable, DIY pallet wine rack for the kitchen, bar room or living room. It might not cost you much other than some of your time. Reference:

Making Shelves on wall mounted pallet wine rack system

Some woods like cedar are hard to work with, so try to pick typical style wood pallets for making pallet wine racks and shelves for the rooms.Try not to make more than three shelving section on one rack or the unit will become so heavy that it would be impossible for you to mount it on the wall.

When you design pallet wine shelve or rack yourself, you should design the area for hooks as well, you will definitely want to hang a set of six wine glasses under-neath the shelving system. It will make your storage more functional since you have storage racks for wines as well as for the glasses.

If you feel that your wooden pallet wine rack looks too much rustic and rough due to natural wooden texture, you can paint it to make it look better. Or give it a personalize touch by creating some nice patterns using painted spray- it would be good to do some artwork if you have the skills.

The bottler opener can be hung on the side of the pallet wine storage rack as well, for this you need to install one extra hook on one or both sides of the rack.

Depending on the glasses you want to store, you should install six to eight hooks under wall mounted wine storage shelves and make sure they can handle the weight of the glass. Test them for their strength first before you put the rack to work.

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