Cute Pottery Barn Couches

Pottery Barn couches come with sectional L shaped or U shaped couches. These can be small or large in sizes depending on your own choice. The most common styles of Pottery barn couch include L-shaped sectional with heavily padded seating.

Cream, beige, white and neutral gray are some colors you could find on Pottery Barn couches. They can be placed in the living room area or else as a complementary sofa sets in the dining room. If you have chosen L-shaped Pottery barn couches for the room, it might not take a lot of space it has six to four seating.

Good thing is that modern style Pottery Barn couches have more styles and features to offer, some designs include side armrests on the sectional or a nice chaise on one side of the couch. The chaise offers nice bedding area for those who often lay down on their couches while watching television or reading a book. A pottery Barn couch with chaise is a must have for you if your living room is small, you will get additional bedding area or a resting recliner with it which will be functional for certain.

U-shaped Pottery barn couches are usually big in sizes, they might take some space. Make sure to replace the slipcovers for the original couches to keep them in better condition for a long time. When you buy one, you can cover the couches with the slipcovers and then replace them from time to time to keep your Pottery barn couch set in a nice condition.

If you love doing eclectic decoration in the room, you should be glad that there are nice and colorful Pottery barn couch cushions which could go very well with your sofa sets. If your couches are yellow or green in color, you may want to add a contrasting color for the Pottery barn couch cushions, for example, for yellow couches you should choose gray cushions and for green couches you can consider purple or pink replacement cushions.

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