Beautiful Cutting Boards for Kitchen

Guitar cutting board with knife wood material

There are many choices when you go out to buy a chopping board or cutting board for you kitchen. Whatever size, shape, style you choose to buy for your kitchen make sure that the surface of the chopping board is smooth to ensure precise cuts.  You might need a non-skid mat which can be placed under the cutting board to prevent sliding, you can also use a paper towel as well in its place for preventing accidental knife cuts resulted due to slippery cutting.

There are many types of kitchen cutting boards such as wood boards, end grain cutting boards,flat grain cutting boards, plastic silicone boards, glass boards(painted, transparent and simple), stainless steel cutting boards, and marble boards. Let’s check what board is good for cutting what.

Wood Boards are best for cutting all sorts of fruits, vegetables, breads, cheeses. However, the wood surface is not good for chopping any sort of raw meat such as chicken, pork, beef, fish, turkey or any other item come from poultry. If you have accidentally cut your meat on wood board make sure to clean the board with hot soap and brush it nicely to clean it from bacteria.  Do not soak the board into dishwasher, it will spoil the surface of wood.

End grain cutting boards look beautiful in the kitchen, they come in all sizes. Large sizes are good for large kitchen countertops. End grain chopping boards are durable because the surface of end grain is harder than wood, it also have more tolerance for the chopping process as well. The board is good for keeping the knives sharp as well. Instead of cutting against the wood fiber during cutting process the blades of knife go between them, which causes no damage to the surface. You should expect to find no marks and stains during or after chopping session on your end grain cutting board.Flat grain chopping boards are also good for the kitchen, they are as functional as end grain boards are.

Plastic silicone boards are also famous these days. They can easily be sterilized using diluted chlorine bleach and diluted vinegar after use. You can cut raw meat, chicken, poultry, fish and any beef item on it easily. They can be cleansed easily with hot water and dishwashing soap. Make sure to buy plastic chopping board that has nice silicone coating to prevent slippage during chopping.

Glass cutting boards are also out there, they are not good for cutting but can be used as pad under hot sauce pans and utensils on the kitchen countertop. Whenever you take off a hot pan out of stove, you can put it on the glass cutting board to prevent the heat from damaging the countertop. Besides there are marble cutting boards as well which can be used in the kitchen.


reference: butcher block boards

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