Day Bed with Trundle- Choosing Daybed set with Pop-up trundles

Cute day bed with trundle for girls pink mattress cushions

Day bed with trundle is a multi-functional piece of furniture which every homeowner should have. This bed is also known as trundle bed because it has a hidden bedding tray underneath the set which can popped up for preparing a nice sleeping area for kids and guests.

Though there are many different styles of daybeds such as wood daybeds, plastic day bed and metal daybed sets, the most functional ones are the wooden day bed with trundle because wood is the best material which stands the test of time. Since furniture is not a cheap commodity, try to buy the best quality wood trundle bed with a daybed whenever you need to get one. There are different benefits of having one in your home. Often times, when unexpected guests visit your home for the sleepovers, you can offer them a nice sleeping bed instead of making them to sleep over the sofa for the entire night, which could be quite uncomfortable.
Day beds with pop up trundles are considered good because the trundle pops up easily, however make sure you are buying the daybed set from the known and famous brand or else you will be having a hard time opening and closing the trundle bed, sometimes the bad trundles cause serious injuries because fingers are squashed during the opening and closing operations.
Day bed with pop up trundles are also space saving in many cases, in day time you can decorate them with nice daybed cushions, pillows and some quilts for turning them into sofa sets. If you want to use them as the sofa for the living room, there is a tufted and upholstered daybed sets for you which could be great couch, sofa or small sofa seater besides being the bed.
Pop up trundle daybeds are designed in wood and metal, they may have some storage units as well. Having some drawers underneath the daybed could be a good thing especially if you are looking for additional storage units to add in your home but the space is somewhat limited. A lot of household accessories and items can be stored right in the drawers of daybeds. Sometimes, a wall-build side bookshelf can be added to the side of the day bed for making it more functional, this idea will work well for the kids’ room.
If your kids’ room is tiny and small, you can place one nice daybed with pop up trundle there as well, the trundle attachment will allow them to have additional bed set for the night and that’s without taking any space. This idea works well for the twins room decoration which has small space.



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