Decorating French Balcony with Planters and Herbs

Romantic french balcony decorated with herbs on the glass panes

Just like French doors, French balcony stands out in the exterior setting when it is decorated well with the seasonal flowers, herbs, and shrubs. The most sophisticated way of decorating the French balconies is by hanging the flower baskets which have scented herbs and plants along with some fresh lilies. After Romeo and Juliet inspired balconies,  French country balconies are something which are highly seen as romantic addition to the patio setting and exterior decor.

The design of the French balconies is usually fairly simple but very compact, they are made of aluminum, bronze, and wooden sometimes, the craft work on the metal produces a uniqueness which is hard to find elsewhere in the typical style balcony extensions these days. You usually find metal work in other balconies in which glass panes are separated and divided into sections, the designs are usually kept simple these days. On the contrary, in french balcony, the dominant feature is the way glass is divided and sectioned into panes.

There are different ways of decorating the french balcony railing by typical gardening techniques which are as follows:

Make the use of flower,vines and branches that are self-watering on the French balcony railing. Some nice vines when intertwined on the railing, they give a nice, Juliet style makeover to the apartment area.

For saving some space, you might want to hang some hanging flower baskets over the doors or just hang them to the walls using metal hooks.

Having nice planter boxes is good but make sure when you pick the designs of the planter boxes for the French balconies the design have back up support as well as brackets on them. The supportive brackets will keep the planter boxes from being knocked down from the railing. Having the support on the planter boxes is necessary especially if you want to have them for the narrow french balcony railing.

If the balcony has some nice space for extra gardening stuff, you might consider placing balcony green houses along with some raised planters. The raised planters do not require much effort, their vines dangle from the railing themselves, giving a nice credit to your gardening ar



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