Modern Style Drafting Table Ikea- Choosing Nice Drawing Tables for Room

Modern computerized drafting table sketching tables with touch screen table top

A drafting table is also known as drawing table, architect table, drawing board, and portable drafting table. This table is multipurpose basically, it has been around us for centuries, it was mainly used by professional artists, sketchers, students, artistic designers, and architectures for making their crafts, drawing works, writing, model building sketching and art.

Uses of Drafting Tables

Drafting table and drawing table are still in use by many contractors, they use if for reading blueprints when they estimate jobs. Now drafting tables are also placed in the class rooms where lecturer read books and gives presentation using the computer board technology attached with the drawing board of the drafting table. Modern drawing tables are better and advanced than the old style tables which had basic features to offer.
Modern style portable drafting tables have computer features as well- some might have touch screen attached to the drawing board. This feature helps with the presentation in a wide area, all the activities done by the presenter on the drawing board can be seen on the big projector screen. This makes educational teaching and learning very easy and advance.

How Drafting/writing tables were used in the history?

In old times, drawing tables and architect tables were very famous, they were used for architectural drafting long time ago before computer were designed to do the task. The size of architect drafting tables were so huge, they could accommodate large sized sketching sheets on which building sketches were designed and plans were constructed. There are many different types of drawing tables these days such as wood drafting table, metal tables, and portable drafting tables.
Though in old times drafting table was just considered the piece of functional furniture used for art and craft. Craft man would construct the table from oak wood and fit the structure using brass. They were very high priced those days. As time moved fast forward, manufactures began to use different types of wood, oak is still in used for making portable drawing tables though, the major changes can be seen in the design of table- they are being made with adjustable top boards. You can simple make the drawing table board to be flat or adjust the top according to the angle of drawing for minimizing the stress on your shoulders, muscles and back. You do not have to lean over the board for continuous hour during sketching and drawing, you can simply maintain your posture by adjusting the angle of drafting table.

Modern drafting table designs and styles

Oak wood drafting tables are still very popular they come with many advance features and styles- some have nice painted designs as well to suit the interior of the room. Some wood drafting tables are light weight and highly portable, they also incorporate computer screen in combination with the old style drawing table top board. These drawing tables come in different sizes, like you can find them standard sizes which come with 31″ x 42″ or a 36″ x 48″ top. Large table sizes come with large sized tops and they are suitable for professional and commercial interior where large drawings and sketching are planned out for projects.
Metal drafting tables are made from steel tubing, they are light weight and compact. The metal frame gives the drawing table the strength it needed. Basically metal drafting table is stronger than the wooden one- it is fairly good to move it around in the room. The surface of the drawing table board is usually made from compressed fiberboard, it has laminated surface attached on the design which is smooth. The board is installed on the top of metal frame using screws. For moving the drafting table to another room, table tops can be removed and unscrewed.

A vinyl cover is mounted over the wood table top. The cover is made from very thin vinyl and may have very good color such as cream, transparent green or beige. The vinyl surface enhances the board of drafting table for sketching, drafting and pen drawings. The wood surface underneath is protected from scratches, scribbles and indents caused by the drawing tools. Some drawing tables come with pencil trays and pencil catchers as well which are located at the bottom of the structure.
A board cover is placed over the wood table top. The board cover is made from thin vinyl and is usually colored a light green or beige. This vinyl cover will optimize the surface for the pen or pencil drawing. Also, the wood surface is protected from damage from indentations and scratches from the tools used. Boards also come with attached pencil trays and a pencil catcher at the bottom.
If you work in an official set up, you should consider portable drawing tables, they come with dual knobs which allow you to align the table according to the angle you need for the drawing. Sometimes, the table is aligned straightedge according to the angle which makes the drawing and drafting very convenient. These portable drafting tables can be carried anywhere from one place to another without much hassle because they are very light weight.

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