Drop leaf table sets for kitchen, living room and dining room

Rectangular drop leaf dining table rectangular dining table with leaf adorable drop leaf dining table set creative of drop leaf dining small rectangular drop leaf dining table

Drop leaf table is a famous item of furniture that has a fixed serving section in the middle and a hinged section on both side of the table, the hinged sections can be folded up and down as they are connected to the base by a bracket. The table is called drop leaf because its sections when folded down make a shape of leaf, in case the structure of the table has legs to provide support to the central part, it is called gate leg table. The table is designed with different features and designs, made from Cherry wood, Walnut, Maple and Mahogany. Depending the style you choose for your home, it will take less or more space. Drop Leaf dining tables may take more space than the corner table or side table and so on.

Drop Leaf Tables for Small Spaces

If you are looking to furnish your home with an easy, antique furniture item that takes less space in the room such as living room or kitchen, you should consider buying an extensible drop leaf table in traditional or antique style. The table is great for small spaces as you can fold it down once it is used, in addition to being functional and being a space saver, it also adds nostalgic touch to the interior.  It can be placed in the kitchen too in place of breakfast nook for saving the space.

Antique Drop Leaf Table sets

No doubt that antique drop leaf table is a rare thing in the market, however, there are still some companies offering antique table that can be wall mounted or used as a leaf coffee table. You may have to check some showrooms in order to find the best design for your home. Sizes and styles of antique drop leaf table varies depending on the structure and design of the table itself.  There is a chance that you will get a nice deal in the sale.

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