DVD Storage Ideas for Organizing DVDS with our without case

Colorful dvds storage racks for the walls beautiful wall mounted dvd storage shelving ideas

There are many space-efficient DVD storage ideas which you can use, some of them may work for you some of them might not. Some ideas are very handy, they can help you orhanize your DVDS in your room easily.

The first important to consider in mind is what your budget is? If you are willing to spend some money you might want to buy a fully functional DVD storage cabinet which comes with very nice shelves and racks. Some storage cabinets are designed just like stereo cabinets, for example Ikea DVD storage units are designed in small designs, some have narrow structure which allows easy corner fitting.
If you are planning to store your DVDs with cases, you need to have a good storage unit that has compartments. Depending on the collection you have, you might need a complete unit which has racks, shelves and some cabinets additionally, you can store all your CDs as well inside it. However if your budget does not allow you to have a nice cabinet for storing them, you can alternatively buy some small DVDs containers. These containers come in box styles, all you need to do is buy couple ones for storing your DVDs.
You must have seen that bookcase shelves are often used as DVD storage racks. If you already have one you can stake up the DVDs vertically inside the book case racks and shelves in form of orders. The size of the DVDs is more or less just like the books which can be piled up against each other. Besides there are some nice DVDs racks which you can have for your room, they come in all different sizes, colors and shapes. These racks are painted in colors, they are made of wood, some are designed in aluminum as well.  You might need multiple dvd storage shelves and racks for storing large collection. I have seen many people invest on wall mounted dvds storage racks for the rooms, they mount the rack above the bed for storing the dvds in the room.If you love painted metallic DVDs racks you can find many on the market. They can mounted on the walls when there is no flooring space available in the room.
The best way for storing CDs and DVDs is that you buy some wall mounted racks or cabinet with racks, If you are worry about the space your collection will take, you should discard away the cases and store them somewhere else. Most important thing is to organize the collection of DVDs you have. You can also choose to opt for hidden DVDs storage, they can be staked up like books along the cases they come with. They will not be noticeable in the room or likely to be considered as books in the library.

If you have a bed, you can have a custom built DVDs storage cabinet underneath the bedding set or behind the headboard area. You might have heard of storage headboards as well they can be good for storing dvds in the room, however, they need to be designed in a hidden style with the cover. For storing small number of dvds, you can buy some dvds boxes, dvds container and plastic storage packs which come with the zipper.

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