12 Enclosed Patio Ideas with Enclosed Patio Sunroom Plans for Outdoor Fun

Beautiful enclosed patio design plan idea

If you cannot have a garden for some reasons, you can alternatively build an enclosed patio inside your home. It is fun to spend some time outdoors in the fresh air. But sometimes the weather is no so favorable for your health, it poses certain risks for your respiratory organs and for overall physical health. For example, some harsh elements such as scorching sun light and harsh wind can be too strong to handle sometimes. An enclosed patio plan could help you to enjoy outdoors without having to have an outdoor garden or landscape.

During cold winter and unforgivable weather conditions you can still be able to have fun outdoor right inside your enclosed patio space. When proper ventilation is configured in the patio, there is always fresh air to inhale. To make yourself feel even better, you can turn your the patio in a mini indoor greenhouse. Yes, it is really possible to grow some plants, herbs, trees and shrubs right inside enclosed patio. However, to make it happen the walls of the patio should have glass panes and panels so the sunlight could easily pass through the enclosed patios. We all know that plants need enough sunlight to make chlorophyll, they live on the sunlight. Glass panels allow the light to come through easily, you might also be needing it since the concept of patio is not plausible without sun, wind and fresh air.
Though enclosed patio is within the home and should be built separately, but sometimes it is attached to the living room creating an open style home system where rooms are attached and are usually very spacious,creating a Feng-shui environment. You need to choose yourself how your enclosed outdoor patio should look like. It is not good to spend extra money on building a friendly but relatively extravagant patio, it may be gratifying to know that it has all what you need but it also should provide function it is intended for. And that’s having enough fresh air for you to feel fresh. You need to grow some trees inside your enclosed patio, how about doing some indoor gardening, it would be fun too. If you cannot grow the trees and plants for some reasons, you can at least think of putting some tree planters boxes or simple planter pots to add greenery to the area, it will improve the quality of the air inside your patio.
Though an enclosed patio must have natural lighting source but for night you need to have alternatives for it, you can configure some patio grow lights inside the area to illuminate it during night. For the wind and air, you must consider appropriate orientation for the space. I suggest that you consider installing glass all over, one side of the patio must be kept open so fresh air and wind can come in. You can also have some windows here and there in your enclosed patio plan.
Besides glass panels there are alternatives for enclosed patios, you can design it with roof, netting and screens whatever you believe will work better. Netting and screens allow the natural lighting to come in the area. Netting also allow the air to flow in and out of the patio. But it also keeps insects and bugs at bay. Having glass windows in the enclosed patio will be good as well, they will become a source for lighting and air.


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