Entryway Bench with Shoe Storage Underneath For Organizing Shoes

Not all of us have a walk in closet in home with nice shoes racks. For those who do not have room to store and keep shoes in a separate room there is an alternative in form of entryway bench with shoe storage which has compartments, racks and sometimes cabinet in which shoes can be stored.

Uses of Entryway Bench with shoe Storage underneath

If you happen to take off your shoes near the door ways after entry the home and change with the home sleepers, then you will find a shoe storage bench an ideal accessory. When it is placed on the entrance door, it will eliminate the need to go to the wardrobe section, you can easily change your shoes right away after entering your home.

Having extra storage on the bench is also good for different purposes, you never have to store your shoes inside the room because they can be tucked up on the racks or cabinets that are built on the storage bench.

If you have carpeted your entire home or have wooden flooring all over the place, the shoes when taken off on the entrance would not spread any dust and dirt on the floor because they are already stored on the side.

When you arrange your shoes in one place on an entryway bench, your home looks organized and well maintained. Instead of using floor rug to keep the shoes away from the floor, a bench shoe storage is an ideal item of furniture to  bring to your home this weekend.

Some entryway benches that have shoe storage options have big compartments to cater the needs of those who need more space for storing all their winter and summer boots. So if you think that storage shelves would not be able to accommodate big sized boots and slippers, you might want to buy a complete storage system that has enough space.

If you want to make a shoe storage with bench yourself, you should check this tutorial. Using a wooden planks and a drill machine, you can easily create an adjustable storage unit for the shoes.

Reference: DIY shoe storage bench step by step

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