Exterior Window Trim Ideas- Styles for Window Sills and Moulding

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Exterior window trims are used around windows as a surround, they are installed on the entire perimeter of the window frame to give it an aesthetic makeover. In order to make a neat and clean exterior, window trims are usually installed between the header and window sill. The shape of the trims is little more flatter compared to the headers and sills.

It is wise to spend money on beautifying the outdoor aesthetic; planting tropical plants and flowers in the garden is fun though, however, all these landscapes ideas would not impress anyone unless you have nice windows and doors to enhance the outdoor beauty. Make sure that the designs of the exterior window is good enough to match the outdoor decoration you have. Choose the best quality window panes such as dual and triple panes are good, they are heat resistance and do not get impacted in harsh weathers such as heavy wind flow, rainfalls, snow falls. Window glass panes either dual or triple, must also be noise resistance, they should be break resistance at the same time as well. In other words choosing the best types of window panes should be the first thing to do in your list. Make the use of window grills for dividing the glass panes into sections.
Windows can be chosen in different styles and depth, they can be flush, recessed and pop up in depth. You need to find out the styles which would work best for your home design.Though there are many choices in window trim materials such as wood, metal, plastic,it is believed that wooden exterior window trims are the best in terms of function and quality. However, in many old style architecture, craftsman window trims are still used, they are made of metal with artworks embossed on the headers and window sills. Sometimes, the mouldings also carry the designs as well, these types of exterior architectural window trims are very expensive to make, if you have budget, you can definitely hire the designs for the best window makeovers.
Painting the window moulding and window trims could add piazzas to your outdoor decor, you can really match the window trim paint colors with the exterior door colors as well as with the walls. Believe it or not, some homeowners make exterior paint color scheme by painting two contrasted colors on walls and exterior doors/windows. This can add a dramatic effect on the outdoor beauty.
Exterior window trims can be added along with some window shutters, these shutters are available in different styles and shapes these days. They increase the curl appeal of the exterior landscape as well as of the house. Exterior window shutters are painted to match the trims of the windows and doors, they may consist of one panel and are installed on each side. Window panels do not open or close, they are affixed on both side of the window. They look beautiful when painted in good color, they can also help you make a nice outdoor color scheme.
Solid exterior window shutters are used for two reasons; for privacy and for decoration. Solid window shutters are made of wood panels, they add decorative elements to the outdoor beauty of your home. They are good at keeping out the cold during the winter weather and heat in the summer. Roll down metal shutters and Bahamas shutters are also known as emergency shutters, they are not used on daily basis, in fact they are used on emergency when there is storm, hailing and extreme snow falling outside. Or they can be shut when you want to block the sunlight from the light and want to create a blackout. The colors of the shutters can be changed to match the exterior window trims.
It is really good to decorate the window walls for creating a fantastic outdoor appeal, you can decorate flower baskets, hanging planter pots and many other ivy vines along with small shrubs on the window sills, they can become a small base ground for window decoration for sure.


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