Fake Windows for Basement- How to Do it?

When you got a basement apartment then first problem you face is windowless environment. So, solution comes in the form of fake windows. You can’t construct a real window in this area. But what you can really do is to create an illusion with fake windows for basement. Let’s explore some design ideas.

Pick Right View

When you have a dark basement then you can add a sun-lit impact into this environment. For this purpose, you can choose artificial windows with sun light view. This view will look great for your living room. You can’t pick it for bedroom, since sunrise all the time won’t look great in this area.  Some other views you can try are waterfall, forest, and a garden. You can find a wide variety of fake windows for windowless rooms with brilliant view online.

Perfect Fake Window placement is a must

When it comes to placement and installation, make sure you choose the right place. In a living room, you need to set this window behind your big sofa or sectional sofa.Don’t go for very large window because it will affect your overall interior.

As far as bedroom is concerned, you should always pick one side of your bed. Normally, people pick right side because when they wake up, they can see the view and window easily. But you need to select a location according to your bedroom furniture setting.

Back-lit Faux Window

When sunlight hit the glass window then this view is magical. You can get the same with faux windows. You can set them at the exterior side of your bedroom and living room. No one can make the real difference between a real window and fake one at all. Even some people like to enhance beauty of such windows with beautiful window treatment. But when you go with this idea make sure that you pick light shade curtains or simply go with sheers. The main reason for picking light shade is to keep your window beauty intact and have some light in dark basement with windowless environment.

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