Feng Shui Bedroom Layout

If you are planning to remodel your bedroom, you need to have at least one Feng Shui bedroom layout in hands before initiating your project. When you do the interior yourself, you should try to integrate all friendly Feng Shui elements in the interior of the bedroom.

Keep heavy equipment out of your bedroom such as treadmills, gym machines and other heavy furniture items which might block air in the room. All gym related items might be your favorite but they should be place where they belong and that’s the gym. If you do not have any gym in your home then these items should be moved to the storage. The bedroom should be free of them.

Bedroom lighting fixtures may also create a warm or sharp aura in the room, old style bright bulbs are not making any good impression visually, replace them with the lighting fixtures that could  create warm atmosphere, bringing up a peaceful feeling to the interior.

Last but not the least, there should be at least one window in the room, if there is none, the room must have a ventilation system somewhere so the air flow could be maintained inside the space during different weathers. I am sharing some Feng shui bedroom layout ideas which would help you understand what type of feature should be added to the room for making it friendly and liveable.

Reference for: Feng shui bedroom layout drawings

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