Glass Shower Walls Selection Tips

Glass shower walls are an important element of your bathroom design and decoration. The main purpose of walls and doors is to keep water inside. But at the same time, you need them to add a style element into your modern bathroom. There are a wide variety of glass shower designs , so you must pick the right designs.

When to Pick Bullnose Finish End?

No doubt, all glass look for your shower is better than having a shower with glass and other material combination. You need to pick glass finishing units that offer an excellent end to the walls and bring a compact look that would enhance beauty of your shower walls to a great extent.  You can find 4 inch glass blocks in many different patterns such as clear, colored and frosted. Clear glass walls are the first choice of many people, but it’s cleaning is not so easy. Therefore, one must consider frosted and colored options.

When Corner Glass shower Block is the best Option?

Instead of setting a shower in the middle or side area of your bathroom, you can go with corner design. It brings extra charm to your overall design.  Some people like to create half glass wall at one side and make it combo with another material. This is a good option to try.

If you have a plan to create a few stairs in your shower area then half walls would look more appealing than a full one. Corner wall shower is a good idea when you have limited space but you still want to enhance beauty impact of your bathroom. Instead of taking too much space in the middle, you can pick a corner area and adore its beauty with frameless glass shower walls.

Adore Your Bathroom With Painted Glass  Shower Walls

When you don’t want clear glass, then another option is available in the form of painted walls. You can customize the paint designs based on your bathroom theme. It’s good to match paint color with your bathroom vanity just to make your space look simply adorable.


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