Gothic Decor Ideas for Rooms- Halloween Gothic Style Decoration

Gothic decor ideas gothic artitecture for halloweens (16)

Gothic Decor is very famous though this culture is extinct now but it has left major footprints in the modern world, particularly on the architectural industry of modern times. Gothic Architecture is still famous and has become a dominate style, it was in trend in late Middle ages, it was characterized some some Gothic interior features such as slender towers, black walls, black accessories, soaring ceiling, flying buttresses and creepy room accessories.

If you are a big fan of Johnny Depp I am sure you have seen the movie Sweeney Todd, and Dark Shadows. Even his old movie Sleeping Hollow also had very distinct Gothic decor effects in the rooms as well as in many movie scenes. Gothic decor features very creepy aura in the room design therefore it is well suitable for the Halloween room, bathroom and living room decoration. Incorporating Gothic decorative accessories could be expensive though but not always if you go to the store where black items are sold for a fair price. Incorporate Victorian style ornaments in the room as well in form of wall art, they go well with the dark room interior.

For creating a Gothic bedroom decor, you will need  black bedding set, black curtains, with some Gothic style candles. I have seen many people spreading black flower petals in the rooms, Black orchid, black Pansy, black dahlias, queen of the night tulips and purple caca lily (which looks more black in the night) can be used for Gothic room decoration.

For creating a very creepy and eerie feeling in the room, you might want to hang a Gothic chandelier  in the room for creating the best Gothic decor.  You might have noticed that Gothic staircase is always the main character of the Hollywood movies which features Gothic architecture, to make this plausible, the wooden staircase can be painted into black color easily. Besides hanging living room curtains and painting the staircases, you can make the use of Gothic accessories as well in the Gothic room decor.For example nice Frankenstein wall prints create a perfect Gothic style interior, pair it up with candles, Ouija board table covers, and Skeleton theme loveseat or sofa slipcovers. Place Halloween spiders here and there in the room, decorate Gothic art pieces on the walls, and mount creepy looking prints which have some weird Hieroglyphics along with pentacle drawings. There are many antique accessories which could help you set up beautiful Gothic home decor for Halloweens. If you cannot buy Gothic chandelier for any reason, you should at least decorate candles with antique stands for creating a nice yet freaky aura to the room.


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