Benefits of Growing Sissoo Tree in Garden Landscape

Dalbergia sissoo is famous redwood originated from North India, it is one of the fast growing tress which features nice deciduous rosewood flowers. It exhibits cute pink and white flowers, its leaves are known for their soft and leathery textures.

You can easily grow Sissoo tree in the garden, seeds of Sissoo remains viable for only few months so you need to do cultivation as fast you possible. Soak the seeds into water for 48 hours before sowing them. Germination of the seeds take place in two to four weeks providing that the a

rea where you are planting Sisso is getting enough sunlight needed for the growth.
Sissoo tree has many benefits, it can be used for the construction. If you live an off grid style, growing Sissoo tree would be beneficial because it provides Shisham wood which can be used for fuel as well as for heating. It is definitely safe to cook over Shisham wood, it can be a very safe and nice heating source for the outdoor cooking.
Sissoo tree is also famous for being a strong pesticide, it repels the invasion of various pests including freshwater snail. Twigs from Sissoo tree are used for oral Heine and cleaning, slender twigs known as datun is chewed as a toothbrush for few seconds, the twigs can be rubbed over teeth as well for better cleaning. Sissoo twigs kills oral infection and bacteria, though it may leave some reddish brown staining over lips but this stain usually goes away in few days. Sissoo tree is also used in Siddha medicine system, it is used for healing stomach related issues and many skin problems.

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