Growing Tomatillo Plants for Landscaping and Health Benefits

Tomatillo plants can be grown in the backyard and patio for beautiful landscaping, they should be included in home gardening plants. Tomatillos are nice looking Mexican Husk tomato with tartaric, cirrus taste.

Tomatillo plants belongs to nightshade family, it bears spherical, soft textured green-purple fruit or simply green fruit which is good for health for being packed in sufficient amount of Vitamic C, B12, Vitamin A, Calcium, Iron and Vitamin B-6.
If you love making pastas and sauce, Tomatillo plants can be used, this Mexican cultivated tomatoes are good in taste, they can be used for making paste dishes, home made circus tomato sauce, burrito sauce, home made salsa, and many creative dishes. However, in taste, Tomatillas are diferent, they look and feel like tomatoes but they are a completely different plants covered with papery husks.
It would be fun to grow Tomatillo plants in your garden, they are easy to grow and nurture, just like any other plant, they need plenty of sun light for growing well. Usually, Tomatillos, weird looking cousins of tomatoes, grow in the wild green fields of corns and beans of Centeral American, but you can take its seeds from the any local market, follow the procedure and grow tomatillo plant in the vegetable garden.
Tomatillo flowers are pollinated by bees in the garden, for a better growth, you should plant two tomatillo plants from appropriate distance from each other for cross-pollination.  Yellow blooms attract bees to the plans for pollination, you need to have two or more than two tomatillo plants for the blooms. Each plant will produce like a pound of fruit during the season, however, if you want to have more fruits, you need to plant more tomatillo plants in the garden all at once at a fair distance, on a location which receives enough sun light.
The best season for planting tomatillos is spring because this is the time when soil begins to warm down naturally and is enriched with important soil nutrients. You need to set plants as deep possibly, for planting you need to bury like two third of the tomatilla in the soil, there should be at least three feet of distance between plants for supporting the cage as they grow. Treat the tomatillo as your tomatoes, keep the soil as moist as possible for keeping the weeds down from that location. Just make sure that your tomatillo plant is getting enough sun light, they will grow and bloom, beautifying your garden landscape. They can be grown in tomato cages or in trellies, so just nurture them and give them enough space to grow nicely.

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