Guest Bed Accommodates Guests in Small Living Space

Dealing with guest in a small living space becomes so easy with a guest bed. This bed is special and brings some really amazing benefits for its owner. Today, I would like to share its benefits along with style guide. Let’s find out what I have for you.

Trundle bed

This is the most common style you find in the market. The trundle or lower bed frame has rollers. It is a single bed with pull out bed underneath. Ikea brings the best quality and designs in this specific kind of furniture. You can move this bed in and out quite easily. It works exactly like a tray under the bed which you can access when time arrives. When you don’t need this bed, slid it and store is underneath the big bed.

Folding Guest Bed

As the name makes it clear, you can fold and unfold the bed according to your requirement. Unfold it and bring extra bedding space for your guests. Fold it and it will leave the space for other furniture item in a room. People prefer this style because it takes less space and can turn into a useful bed whenever need arises.

Double Guest Bed Style

It is often termed as pop up bed. You will get two single bed but you can pop one up to combine with second and then to make a big size bed. This furniture items is indeed a great facility for you when you have some unexpected guests stopping by at your place and you don’t have an extra bedroom for them. You can grab this bed from your store room and offer them a very convenient bedding space to take rest at night.

Different Uses

Although this bed named as a guest bed but it can be used for some other purposes as well. For example, you can set them in your kids and teen room.  Instead of a bunk bed which is often require constant maintenance, this bed is simple and easy to use. Another use is to put it in your office and have some rest during off-time.

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