Half Curtain Rods for Modern Curtains and Draperies

Half curtain rods for the bedroom for hanging simple curtain window treatment using window blinds

Half curtain rods have come a long way as they have shed their simplicity to adopt to a minimalist room decor whether it be bedroom, living room or dining room, now you do not need to hide the curtain rods with the drapery or covering them using long valances anymore. There are tens of gorgeous styles of curtain rods for the homes which will eliminate the needs for hiding the hooks, curtain dips and curtain rings.

A nicely done window treatment of the room is going to contribute to a better and vibrant interior. However, you need to pay attention to the type of curtain panels, drapery sets and the materials of the curtains as well if you want the rods to match up with the aesthetics of the interior. The most common materials of the rods for the curtains are different such as plastic rods, magnetic rods, wooden rods, wrought iron rods and bronze rods are the most common types which are available these days. The plastic curtain poles are usually very transparent, they are sometimes designed with the gold accent hooks for compact designs and makeovers. The magnetic rods eliminate the needs for hole drilling into the walls because the magnetic hooks easily take up the weight of the sheer and net fabric window curtains. Wooden curtain rods are the common ones, they are traditional yet very sturdy, they can be painted in any color to match the interior. The wrought iron curtain poles as well as brushed nickel curtain poles are the best to have, they do not rust easily, they do not oxidize easily as well. The most common colors in iron are golden, silver and black, however, if you need to have it it any other particular color, you should have the iron curtain poles painted by a blacksmith.

Half curtain rods usually are not big poles,they are good for small windows though or small sized curtains, they are half in size and shape. They are available in different styles such as adjustable, corner curtain connector style as well as single twisted. If you wish to hang more than two curtains, there are triple half curtain rods as well which can help you hang three window panels during the treatment. Half drapery rods are available in cast iron, wrought iron, wooden as well as glass.

When the window curtains for the rooms are simple yet stylish, they can be made noticeable in the room decor by using decorative rods which have floral accent. The accent helps give a nice impact to weightless drapery panel the decorative curtain rods bring out the beauty of the floral patterns or simple textures of the curtains.  People are now considering magnetic drapery rods as well, they are used in metal window casing, the magnetic does the job of hanging lace and sheer curtain panels.

Whether you want to hang a heavy decorative curtains or a simple weightless drapery panel, you can use drapery rods or decorative half curtain rods. You can utilize it for both as it supports all sorts of draperies. These rods runs through rings hanged with draperies. They are available in all usual rod materials such as wood, metal, plastic and glass.

If you are dead against drilling your wall, go for a magnetic drapery rod which can be used in a metal window casing. The magnets will do the job for you. If your choice is lace or sheer panels then think about single curtain rods. It provides a layered look to your window treatment. The spring tension drapery rods can be used for the bathroom window treatment, these rods are very light weight, they do not carry much weight, however, they can be good for hanging the bathroom shower curtains. Besides there are tripled half curtain rods, transverse half

curtain rods and adjustable drapery rods as well to suit the window treatments of your choice.



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