Herringbone Backsplashes Colorful Herringbone Pattern Subway and Wooden Tiles

Herringbone backplashes are incorporated in contemporary and modern style kitchen interior. Herringbone patterns are created using tiles, various types of backsplash stones, wooden tiles, metallic tiles, and subway tiles. In fact now there are many creative ready made backsplash wallpapers for creating Herringbone pattern on the walls of kitchen and bathroom.

Though many colored tiles and stones can be incorporated into the design for making cute Herringbone backsplashes in the kitchen, but it is believed that white herringbone patterns look the best for two reasons; one the color matches easily with any kind of interior and two it does not interrupt with the color combo of the kitchen. If kitchen walls are yellow,installing a blue our purple Herringbone kitchen backsplashes would completely mess up the interior of the space. We all know a fact that white is the best color to use for enhancing the beauty of the space.

The most easiest ways for creating the pattern is by installing herringbone tiles, which are available in plenty of colors these days. Installing these tiles is easy not only on the walls but also on the floor, if you want the kitchen backsplashes to match the floor pattern, this can be done by installing the same herringbone tiles on the backsplash as well as on the floors.It will bring harmony in the interior.

Some homeowners love rustic makeovers, for cabins and cottage kitchen, rustic wooden herringbone backsplash tiles are available in many designs and patterns. Basically, wooden pallets can also be used for the project after staining for creating appealing rustic herringbone patterns over the kitchen countertops. Besides, some metallic tiles with rusty effects could be considered as well for same purpose.

Herringbone backsplashes look good with dark cabinets, in case you have chosen white herringbone tiles for the installation. For yellow, blue and orange colored herringbone kitchen backsplashes you might need to consider different wall color paints for the interior.


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