Hickory Cabinets for Reviving Old Style Kitchen Makeover

Hickory cabinets for kitchen are highly valued and opted for for their durability, versatile color, prominent grains pattern and beauty. Strength of hickory kitchen cabinet is known for years, basically Hickory is a strong North American hardwood, which is very distinctive due to the grain features it has.

Hickory Cabinets Color Variations

Though Hickory is a good hardwood to built kitchen cabinets with but it is also a difficult hardwood to work. Many cabinet manufactures believe that Hickory cabinets are not easy to design and built, if you intend to hire someone for custom built Hickory kitchen cabinets make sure that the person you are hiring can work on it. Hickory wood comes in a variety of colors but the most common ones are the deep brown which is very dark sometimes, the second is little blond mild hue, it might have some knots and streaks of natural bark on the surface.
No matter what type of Hickory hardwood you choose to built the kitchen cabinets with, the hardwood may have stains and dark finish, you should expect to see inherent variations in the hues of hickory cabinets as well (in case you intend to buy the ready-made one from the market). Hickory kitchen cabinet are usually finished with cognac glaze or hazelnut and sometimes with both, they stand the test of the time and often merge well with the modern kitchen interior.

Designing and building Hickory cabinets for kitchen

The reason why many homeowners love hickory cabinets is for the hardwood pattern. The wood is usually very fine with lovely grain pattern, the streaks also make the cabinets very noticeable. Plus there are variations of colors to choose from in the hickory hardwood which gives freedom to the homeowners who are looking for a certain color wood for their kitchen remodel. Though the hardwood is difficult to use for the cabinet designs but it is always rewarding in the end because what you get is nice sets of Hickory cabinets with very fine and soothing texture.

If you are building the kitchen cabinets yourself make sure not to use cutters, or if you have already done it everything will look fine in the beginning but later you will find out that small chunks of wood are coming off and falling off from the hickory cabinets. This can be very much avoided with modern sealants designed for hickory kitchen cabinet construction, some coating are modern for the wood, they reflect heat, with application of some good quality steels, the wood can be cut nicely and finely. A better finish can be achieved only when you use right tools for Hickory wood for making cabinetry. Make sure to ask the designer to use good sealant while he designs your hickory kitchen cabinets. The better choice of sealant can be helpful in keeping the cabinetry in good condition for the long time.

Hickory kitchen cabinets in tolerate Moisture

The only disadvantage of hickory cabinets is that it cannot fight off the moisture and liquid.When hickory wood is exposed to liquid or water, it starts to cause serious damage and decay to the texture and pattern. The life of hickory kitchen cabinet is depreciated when they are frequently exposed to water in the kitchen and are not well taken care of.
As for the finish you can choose from hickory spiced finish, the hickory sunset finish ad the hickory muslin finish, these are names of the brands which provide good cabinets for the kitchen remodels as well.


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