Horseshoe Christmas Tree Design Ideas with Tutorial

If  you are a person who likes to follow DIY and creativity approach then you need to make Horseshoe Christmas tree. This tree is indeed different from your traditional Christmas tree in terms of design, décor and overall style. Normally, you buy a tree and then decorate Christmas tree with ornaments. This time you have to follow a very different approach.

Follow Horseshoe Christmas tree tutorial and create your own amazing tree. Before I share tutorial video in which Christmas tree made from horseshoes. I would like to share some amazing Christmas tree horseshoe designs with you. Explore the gallery, so you got a clear picture of some amazing designs which you can try this year.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree Video

If you have got some old horseshoes then it is time to go for horseshoe art. The complete process of making horseshoe tree is described in details in the following video. Watch the video and learn the simple yet amazing technique.

Horseshoe Christmas Tree Decorations

So, you have created your own Horseshoe Christmas tree art, the next step is to make the most from it. In other words, you have to pay attention to its decor.

Paint or No Paint: If you like classic rugged look of horseshoe then you don’t need to paint them. However, when you like sleek finish and touch in your Christmas tree made from horseshoe then you can paint it in dark green.

Ornaments : Buy some beautiful ornaments to decorate your Christmas tree in an eye-catching manner. If you paint your tree green then pick red and gold shade baubles . Round balls are the best choices to hang from horseshoe hooks. But you should also get some ribbons to add a bit of charm in your horseshoe Christmas crafts.

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