Indoor Wall Planters- Gardening with Hanging and Wall Mounted Indoor Planters

Grow a small indoor garden by having indoor wall planters in living room, kitchen or dining room area. Be in touch with nature by bringing its elements inside your home environments. You can grow all types of herbs and scented succulent plants right inside your home without spend a lot of money.

Before you pick wall planters for indoor decoration you need to consider going through some of these important points because it’s important to have some knowledge about indoor wall planters to be able to make an indoor garden without making mistakes.
Do not settle for low quality and inexpensive indoor planter boxes, pots and baskets, these might be inexpensive or are out there on the local hardware store for a fair price but they might not be beautiful enough for adding any furnishing or style to add in the interior. Your indoor wall planters need to be good in shape, materials and sizes, after all they will be used for decorating the walls for the transformation of the room.
Indoor wall planter boxes in oval, square, and rectangular shapes are quite popular. Consider buying same sized planter boxes to create a symmetrical wall decor. Do not settle for random planter containers, they will definitely look desultory in the room. Whether you choose to decorate the wall planters containers in the living room accent wall or kitchen wall, make sure that they are made of good material. Some quality material choices are plastic planter boxes, wooden planter containers, metal planter pots, and acrylic ones. The glass planter bottles can be used for diy indoor gardening, they really look cute.
The size of indoor wall planters should be in proportion to the sizes of the plants you have. Table top plants must be placed in the cute nursery pots which are about two to four inches larger than the size the pots. There must be some space for the plants for growing inside the planter pots.
Decorative wall planter boxes are quite famous these days. Make sure to use only those planter containers for indoor walls which have no drainage holes. Otherwise, the plants may leak water causing damage to the carpet, rugs and room floor. Metal wall planters could be good choice for indoor gardening, they are sturdy and compact. Metal planters also go well with the interior of the room easily.
Wooden and plastic boxes could be placed on the racks for gardening inside home. I must mention that small sized wooden planter containers would be good to have for the room where you plan to do a lot of gardening.
Hanging wall planters indoor could be a great idea for decorating the room, these plants pot hang in free style but they are placed in a nice order. For example, oval style planter pots can be hung in the same order, for you need to have same sized pots or else your hanging wall planters might not create the neat effect you are looking to have.
You can use rods, wooden racks and install some shelves for managing your wall mounted planters indoor, of course a stand would be great to have, too. It is all about the budget though, I prefer free standing wall planters because they create a nice impression.


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