Industrial Kitchen Island with Kitchen Lighting ideas

U shaped industrial kitchen island seating for five persons crystal chandelier concrete floor stainless steel kitchen ceiling pendants

If you happen to have a commercial property for which you are considering buying an industrial kitchen island, you need to consider different designs because the island for a commercial place has to be big and vast in size, it must be able to store a lot of cutlery and culinary items.

Depending on the size and measurements of the place, Industrial kitchen island with or without wheel would be good to consider. In either way, it should have enough storage compartments on design besides having some racks and shelves, possibly some holders for the spoons. Ideally, a stainless steel is the best material for an Industrial kitchen island, however, if you love stones and organic material, you can consider having stone slabs, granite and quartz countertops as well on the kitchen island design.

Since the kitchen area where you will place the island be busy mostly, large amount of meals would be cooked in here in for possibly hundreds and thousands of people, the kitchen should have enough stoves and spacious Industrial kitchen island so all cooks could work in the timely manner in their space.

Sometimes the industrial kitchen island with lighting makes the work way more easy, some nice pendant lighting hanging from the ceiling directly towards the work area would assist in brightening up the work station.  Ceiling track lighting fixtures are also good for the industrial kitchen interior because the tracks are installed in form of small bulb fixtures all over the ceiling, which provide lighting to the wide area, including the area where kitchen island is placed.

Reference: Industrial kitchen remodels and makeover ideas

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