Japanese Soaking Tub for Creating Spa Style Japanese Bathroom

We all love to go to spa for body massage, face massage and muscle massage. Spa treatments could be quite expensive and not very affordable sometimes. But the fact is relaxation is needed by all of us, for now there are special Japanese soaking tubs which can be added to all small or large sized bathrooms.

Japanese Soaking Tubs for Feng Shui Japanese Bathroom

It is really possible to build a small spa at home, Japanese  bathroom interior can be achieve by adding some feng-shui elements such as indoor plants, glass windows, and proper ventilation, besides these elements you can add one Japanese soaking tubs to complete the decoration.

Japanese Bathroom with Spa Features

It is said that hot water soothes out nerves and soul, believe it or not, soaking in Japanese tub will relieve all the stress and tension that might be hiding inside you, consuming your energy. Let all stress go way, try to relax yourself as much as possible by spending some time in Luke warm water of Japanese soaking tub, keep yourself submerge for few seconds and you will feel that all that was bothering you has gone. It’s true- Japanese style bathroom interior can make a quite impact on your mind, in most cases, the possible one. You need to take inspirations from Japanese bathrooms which are neat and clean with only few vanity items.

Japanese Soaking Tubs depth

Japanese  soaking tubs aren’t new, they are century old products which were invented in primitive period. They were used in Western bathroom remodel long time, gladly now Japanese soaking tubs are becoming a norm for the modern style Japanese bathroom remodels, they are particularly being added as a nice spa component.
As for the size and shape, Japanese soaking  tubs are quite smaller in size and much deeper than the traditional style tubs which are on the market. The more deeper the tub is the better spa experience it will offer. So try to invest in a good style Japanese soaking tub which is at least 28 or 30 inches deep, it will provide more room for you, you could be able to relax your entire body in Japanese tub easily. Not only these tubs are good for Japanese bathrooms but are also good for modern and contemporary style bathroom interior.

Styles of Japanese Soaking Tubs

The best Japanese soaking tubs are being manufactured by Kohler these days, they are offering and designing vey space saving Japanese tubs for the homeowners who want to create a spa in a small sized bathroom. Some Japense bathtubs don’t even require shower installation at all and some might be designed with extra heating facility within the design. If your Japanese soaking bath tub by chance is lacking a heater, the size and design would allow you to install an extra heater easily. Soaking bath tubs with spa features will help you create a nice Japanese bathroom decor.

Best shape of tub For Japanese Bathroom

Soaking Japanese tub comes in different sizes and shapes, square shaped tubs are common these days, the cup shaped tubs are considered good for contemporary spa bathrooms, the oval shaped Japanese tubs are very trendy, they have a nice and compact look. The rectangular ones are good as well, they offer more space for soaking the body. When you intend to install a  Japanese soaking bath tub in the bathroom, you need to keep it from soap scum and chemical materials or detergent as it might deteriorate the material of the tub . Oval and rectangular shaped soaking bathtubs are used in majority for setting up Japanese bathrooms.
Though Japanese soaking  tubs are manufactured nicely these days, they are very friendly and easy to install. If you feel that none of the sizes of the soaking bathtub will fit in the bathroom you have, you may order for a custom style Japanese soaking bathroom tub. There are also some designs with jets, seating ideas, and some nice water circulation water fitting to make the tub more functional for the customers. Whether you choose to have simple style bathroom or Japanese bathroom, make sure to add some elements which could increase the aesthetics of the space.

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