Large Storage Baskets for Organizing Items

African themed large storage baskets with handles on both side nice color combo natural wicker basket design

Sometimes those large sized storage units with drawers are not enough for storing all big items in your home. The best side solutions for sorting out and arranging all accessories are large storage baskets. They come in plenty of sizes, shapes and colors to accentuate the room decor.

The most common material used in the designs of large storage baskets and simple storage buckets are wicker, wooden, wire, aluminum and steel.  Stainless steel storage baskets are not recommended because they look aesthetic yet they catch rust soon or later.  They also lose their beauty with passage of time. Wicker storage baskets are the ones you should go for. Wicker is a natural material, it does not lose beauty with time. If you happen to be saving items in the patio and backyards alongside the planters then the wicker baskets are good for storing items. Wicker works best as an outdoor storage solution.

Some women are well aware of the fact that wicker laundry storage baskets are good for storing undone clothing items and accessories. Not only do they look so beautiful and fashionable but also become functional when they are in large sizes and when you have no big tubs and storage buckets for storing more items. Besides storing laundry, large sized storage baskets can be used for storing toys, magazines, books, vanity items, wardrobe essentials and other items which cannot be stored in the storage drawers and compartments.

Natural wicker baskets are good not for not indoor use but also for outdoor use. If you happen to be storing fruits in your kitchen in the open air, you should try using hanging storage baskets with lids. They are usually made of natural wicker, which is a plant woven in vine. Synthetic large sized wicker baskets are also out there, they are made of plastic, resin and paper of high tensile wiring. They are good for storing items outdoor.

There are many benefits of hanging storage baskets as well. You can hang them in the kitchen, store vegetables, fruits, and common kitchen utensils. I have seen some women storing their journals, to do list and invitation cards in the hanging storage baskets. Even if the wicker baskets do not come with the hooks for hanging purposes, you can still hang them using small hooks which are available everywhere on the market these days.

For storing food and fruits, you should consider buying large size storage baskets with lids so you would be able to cover the food for protecting it from fleas and bugs.

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