Laundry Room Shelving Ideas- Best Styles of Laundry Room Shelves for better Storage

Laundry rooms could be a quite messy place if you do not organize it using nice storage shelving system, cabinets, wall racks and laundry room storage baskets. You might need even more storage units than just two in the room for keeping it clean, neat and free of clutter.

Some Laundry room shelving ideas

You should decorate the laundry room just like you’d decorate any other room in your home. However, in laundry you must have some shelves and wall cabinets for storing cleaning tools, repairing tools and items.
There are many nice laundry room shelving ideas for you; you can install some shelves right about the washer and dryer units. Or you can install your laundry room shelves with hanging rod right above the sink area. When you install shelves in the room make sure that they are quite accessible. You do not want them to over crowd the area at all.

Laundry Room Shelves with wall cabinets

Laundry room shelves with wall cabinets make the best storage solution. Wall built storage cabinets are good to have for the room, they can be used for the variety of purposes and you can store all cleaning detergents, cleaning and repairing tools, cleaning brushes and other items in laundry room wall cabinets.
Shelving can be designed on the side of the wall cabinets. You might be wondering as how laundry room shelves can be used and how much they improve the functionality of laundry. If you use laundry storage baskets for storing items or have many glass containers or jars in the room, they can be stacked over the laundry shelving units and racks. The size of the cabinets might not be too big to accommodate big storage jars and baskets which you have, so save these items you must have some laundry shelves.
There is a free standing laundry room shelf system unit as well for those homeowners who don’t have wall-mounted ones in the room. This laundry room shelf units come in variety of sizes, styles and shapes. Some come with drawers as well in which you store all kind of different items, some shelf units have small cabinetry as well. Corner style shelf can be chosen for the small laundries.

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