Leathered Granite Pros and Cons with Design Ideas

Leathered granite is a favorite choice of those homeowners who love to have dark kitchen countertops. Leathered granite is completely different from yellow, gold and other granite countertops in its look and finish. When you pick marble stone as a countertop then you definitely like to have leathered finish. Texture of a countertop has become very important in trendy kitchen interior designs. So, you can go for either honed granite countertops finish or leathered granite countertops. Both options are great and have their pros and cons.

Leathered Granite Pros and Cons

I would like to share benefits which you can grab from leathered granite colors and finish on your kitchen countertop.

A completely different look is the first advantage of black pearl leathered granite. You hardly found this kind of countertop in any other kitchen.

Another advantage that you will get from Cambrian black leathered granite is that it requires low maintenance since fingerprints, stains and crumbs are less prominent on this surface. When you have shiny polished granite then fingerprints and crumbs remain prominent. So, such countertops keep homeowners busy and they have to clean the surface all the time.

In addition, you will happy to know that  leathered granite cleaning is super easy.


Problems with Leathered Granite

You don’t normally face problems with this granite. The major shortcoming of this kind of surface is that it has little or no shine. Although it hides stains and dust but it doesn’t shine well. So, if you are a person who needs shine in his kitchen countertops, it simply means you have to think about another option.

Is Leathered Granite More Expensive?

It is a question that many people ask. This is an affordable kitchen countertop finish you can get easily from the market. You don’t have to spend too much money. Whenever it comes to grabbing finish for your kitchen countertops, you have to make a comparison i.e. honed vs leathered granite. This comparison will make it easy for you to pick a finish that bring beauty to your kitchen. For getting both finishes, you have to spend same amount of money.

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