Louvered Closet Doors with Slats and rails for Closet Remodels

Bifold bifold louvered closet doors with angular stiles rails

If you are thinking of remodeling your closet this year and changing the design, Louvered closet doors could be the best choices in wood material. Louvered closet doors are installed on the front of the closet for making a nice cover up for the items stored behind. Basically, these doors are either made of wood or bamboo panels which are installed for creating many rows of slats. These slats look like window blinds at some ways, basically these slats are angled in such a way that they create small invisible vents which allow the air to get inside the closet.

Louvered doors are good for those closets which require some air for the clothing parts. We all know that moisture can spoil winter clothes, if you happen to be living in a place where wooden closets become saggy after some times, you should consider installing cedar lined racks and cover them up by using bi-fold or tri-fold Louvered closet doors, make sure they are made of high grade wood material. Bifold or tri fold louvered doors are designed with some hinged panels on each side, which means both doors can be opened and closed together through the hinges connecting them. Bifold doors can either be opened and shuts separately and together depending on the space you have.
Louvered doors look attractive and nice compared to traditional style door counterparts which are out there. Wooden angled slates on each door makes the design flexible, it would be fair to say these slats are good for a flexible and affordable closet door treatment. They let air to pass inside the area, keeping the moisturize and nasty smells out of the clothes.
As for the slates of Louvered closet doors, there are sections made out of them which are called rails. These door slates are also known as stiles, they are designed in two ways, they are either attached to be made fixed on the doors or they are flexible enough to be operable. As depicted above these stiles look like window blinds, when they are operable they basically work like window blinds you can move slates up and down depending on the amount of air you want to pass inside the closet. They can also be shut completely. Fixed Louvered closet doors are famous, as name suggests they cannot be moved much or a not much adjustable, they are fixed and designed in open style. Operable louvered doors are way more flexible designed with moveable and adjustable stiles or rails, they can be convenient for any type of closet remodeling plan.

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