Luna Pearl Granite Decorating and Design Ideas

Have you decided to buy Luna Pearl Granite? The next step is to think about kitchen and bathroom decoration elements. No doubt, you have made the right choice. But if you want to make the most from Luna Pearl granite price then you need to pay attention to its related decoration as well.

Luna Pearl Granite with Gray Cabinets

You need to select kitchen cabinets with great care, especially when you have luna pearl granite as the countertop. This granite has black and white as more prominent shade. So, if you pick gray kitchen cabinets then you are going to add extra charm to your kitchen space.

Luna Pearl Granite with White Cabinets

Designing all white kitchen is quite possible when you have this granite countertop. You can add beauty and style element to your space  with white cabinets. Laminated white cabinets brings charm to the kitchen. When it comes to cabinets handle, you can choose black and grey. In this way, it becomes very easy for you to make black and white kitchen color scheme. This scheme will never go old and always have it aesthetic value.

Luna Pearl Granite with Backsplash

You need to choose backsplash very carefully.  Make sure that black, white and grey shades are prominent in the backsplash tiles. Some people go with black and white tiles which absolutely blend well with Luna Pearl Granite countertops. However, you can go with some other color combinations. If you like warm touch then dark grey backsplash tiles will look stunning.

Luna Pearl Granite with Espresso Cabinets

Want to make your kitchen look super modern? It is suggested to grab espresso cabinets. They will make such an amazing combination with grey-black granite. Modular style kitchen usually have luna pearl granite laminated countertops for perfect finish and blend.

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