Modular Shelving Brings Artistic Appeal in a Room

Modular shelving home depot modern designs ideas

Modular shelving system is becoming really popular among homeowners who want to add an artistic touch to their home interior. You can set this system next to wall and no other wall decor is requisite from your side. Normally, it is set in a living room but you can install it in other rooms as well. Today, I would like to share popular modular wall shelves designs along with some trendy styles.

Benefits of Modular shelving

Here are some advantages you grab from this wall shelve system.

  • First of all, it is very easy to set and reset this system.  You can get a kit and then to assemble the complete shelves own your own. Some modular shelving system kit makes it easy for you to change the design and shelve style based on your like.
  • You can remove shelves for washing and cleaning purpose. It’s very easy to snap a shelve and then to set it back.
  • A modular system for shelve is so versatile, you can adjust the size and add or skip edges, baskets and shelf dividers. You can design your own kind of wall shelves that completely based on your requirements.

The best Modular Shelves Material

When it comes to picking the material of wall shelves, you have two main options to choose from one is metal and second is wood. Both options are great. But people usually give a preference to  wooden shelves since they can easily paint them just to match with the existing living room color scheme. Metal wall shelving system is available in wide variety of colors. It is strong and durable options.

Decorating Ideas

When it comes to setting items in the shelves then you have a wide variety of options. You can place your LCD TV, alongside other entertainment system. Don’t forget to set some DVD, books and decorative items just to enhance beauty of your modular wooden shelving kit.

You can find shelves in wide variety of shapes, but cubes are the most demanding shape. The main reason is that this shape looks very attractive and brings a symmetrical appeal to a space. But you can go with asymmetrical shapes and designs, just to add some unique touch to your living room walls.

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