Narrow Bathtubs Bring Ultimate Beauty in Small bathroom

28 inch wide bath tub for golden shade for wooden bathroom

Have small space in your bathroom? You need to set narrow bathtubs. These tubs look elegant and bring compact appeal in your space. Good thing is that you are able to find 4 foot bathtub in a wide variety of designs, material and shapes. It won’t be difficult for you to have a perfect beauty appeal in your small bathroom at all especially when you pick compact bathtub.

Fact is that when it comes to setting of small bathroom, you have to think about a wide variety of things. Mostly people skip bathtubs from their plans because they think they can’t add it in their plan at all. This is not the right approach. You can use small Japanese style soaking narrow tub in this space, and this tub will let you make the most from the space. It will add a glam touch in your bathroom and provide you a bathtub functionality as well. A narrow bathtub could save a lot of space in the bathroom, leaving behind enough room for bathroom cabinets, bathroom shelves and storing routines bathroom accessories.

Small bathtub shower combo is another option you can consider when you have limited space in the bathroom. It will offer you two features, soak your body in the narrow tub or just refresh your mind by taking a shower. Now it’s completely up to your mood what you like to do. Narrow tub can be in many different styles, it may have modern features such as spa or whirlpool elements added to the design, which makes the interior even more functional.

Corner soaking tubs for small bathrooms are also becoming popular. All you have to do is to set them at one side and rest of your bathroom space will be completely free. These kind of narrow bathtubs come with unique shape and designs.

If you have normal space then you can consider 28 inch wide bathtub. This dimension will allow you to set rest of bathroom facilities with great ease and without much concern.

Interesting thing is that you are able to find narrow bathtubs in a wide variety of style, shapes and colors.  It means that if you want to set a particular theme in your small bathroom then you can set it. I would like to share the best colors for compact style narrow tubs with you.

So, what you need more? Go and enhance beauty of your bathroom with tiny bathtub.


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