Narrow dresser Offers Storage In Limited Space

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Managing storage and furniture items in small space is not an easy task. But when you have a narrow dresser then it becomes easy for you to store small items in an organized way. This dresser is designed by keeping in mind low space areas. You can place it in a corner where it will not only compliment the overall room decoration but also works as a storage house. Today, I would like to share some styles and design ideas of narrow tall dressers with you. Let’s get some trendy design info.

Colored or  White Narrow Dresser

When you visit the market, you will see that manufacturers offer you two options : one is colored and second is white. Indeed the second option is the best choice. No matter where you set this dresser, it will become a part of that room. You don’t have to set it alongside white bedroom furniture all the time. Even when you have wooden brown or black furniture, you can paint your white dresser into black or brown shade just to match it with the rest of room furniture.

A problem with colored tall narrow chest of drawers is that it doesn’t fit well in every room. Some shades such as dark blue and green are so  difficult to work with. In other words, when you have a plan to change the shade of a dresser, it would not be really easy. You have to pick a dark shade for a change. A light paint on a dark color dresser is simply not possible.

Vintage or Modern Dresser Styles

When it comes to texture of a dresser, you get either a traditional design or a modern one. Contemporary design brings a few drawers like 3 or 5. But you can get a tall dresser with more than 5 drawers in vintage look. Reclaimed wood is very popular in classic designs. But you should search for oak dresser because they are super durable, though cost you a little more.

Narrow Chest of Drawers for Hallway

As I told you earlier,this kind of dresser is not only provides a good storage solution for limited space but it brings some aesthetic appeal as well. That’s mean you can use this furniture item to decorate your hallway or entryway spaces. You often need some storage space for your hallway, so use this item and make the most of it. Set a beautiful small indoor plant or vase over it and you are done with decoration.

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